Fire safety, like any industry, develops quickly and advances are being made daily in the field. There’s been recent publicity on the safety of “Escape Rooms”, popularised in the app “Room” in 2014. Tragedy struck just two weeks ago in a Polish city where five girls died from asphyxiation in an “escape room.”

Manufacturers insist there are no safety issues with escape rooms but there is a growing demand for their safe use, given the numbers of such rooms being built.

There’s reckoned to be 8,000 globally and 1,000 in the UK.

Do you think escape rooms are safe?

Another article that captured my attention was the news from Las Vegas CES 2019 that an app has been developed to turn your smartphone into a smoke detector, aptly called “Smoke Detective. You can see the rationale and demonstration in the short YouTube clip below.

We think it’s a very powerful development – it should not be a replacement for stringent fire safety measures but as an app it is certainly powerful.

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